Token Solution

August 23rd, 2009

used tokens

Wayne says the TV tokens don’t count when we’re away from home. If that’s true, I have half an hour of tv time left this week (ending tonight)–and therefore succeeded in week one of moderation through tokens. If tv at the hotel counts, I’m in two and a half hours debt. This sounds really bad, like Wayne and I go away and we just watch tv. It’s not true. We paddled and it was raining and none of our friends showed up, so we were off the river early, we went out to dinner, I read for a while, and then we watched tv. First it was Law and Order CI because we used to love that show when we had tv at home. Then regular Law and Order–ditto. Then an old episode of House came on that I hadn’t seen…It doesn’t sound any better when I explain it.

Maybe four hours for the week is unreasonable. Maybe it is unreasonable for an addict to try to watch tv in moderation.

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