Hulu withdrawl

March 1st, 2009

Today is day six without Hulu. So far, I worked on revising a personal narrative, organized all the toiletries in my bathroom, played with my dog, updated my Facebook page, responded to emails I hadn’t looked at in seven days, and finally started this blog. Avoiding tv is obviously good for me.

Still, right in the middle of tossing the frisbee to Cleo, I had a sudden urge to watch “Burn Notice.” Not only could I imagine myself settled on the couch as the opening credits ran, but I also could feel from somewhere deep inside, the desire itself. It’s like being able to taste the chocolate dessert you know you shouldn’t order.  Maybe just one more time, I thought, as a reward for grading all those essays. For a moment, I had a flash of losing myself in the not too believable world of an ex-spy who helps out people in need.

Then the feeling passed.

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